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All training sessions are available via web. GCGI uses Cisco WebEx® Event Center, a web conferencing application enabling full audio/visual video multi-person meetings and classes. Virtual classes are presented live including group discussions, exercises and Q&A sessions. Web courses are provided on demand and customized to meet your teams’ training and scheduling needs. 

Guerra’s "chalk and talk"  teaching method consists of spaced learning (changing from MS PowerPoint® lectures to "chalk") and interactive participants’ engagements. All annotations are saved in PDF and sent to participants at the conclusion of the course. Participants refer back to these notes and apply concepts to the solution of cGMP issues, quality events and CAPAs. 

As anauthorized and certified Cisco WebEx® System Administrator, Guerra not only presents topics but has complete control of WebEx audio/video tools including digital pens and color markers displayed directly on a graphic tablet screen with a pressure-sensitive pen. 

Johnny Guerra experience and expertise in developing technical and regulatory training pro­grams as well as consulting, auditing and validation activities is recognized worldwide. This former FDA official has refined training skills conducted on hundreds of courses and seminars during 37 Years of Industry, Agency and Consulting service by training more than 75,000 individuals worldwide since 1979. 

Active employee participation is key to a successful virtual classroom training experience.

Guerra's  training activities engage employees and prompt them to think about how the subject matter relates to their own work.  Workshop exercises trigger participants' engagement throughout the duration of the virtual training. Typical problems are addressed and solutions furthermore provided. 

For group settings, a “Test Run” is included prior to the training session. This activity ensures that audio/video connections are adequate and that there aren't any glitches that can hinder the overall success of the scheduled training session. 

"GCGI improved employees' performance while decreasing errors. It just pay-off for the training itself during the first few days after the training has concluded! Em­ployees have been trained to act as our own INTERNAL REGULATORY CONSULTANTS! ...Thanks again."

Unique Classroom e-Learning Approach: 

Are you ready for a unique learning experience that will help you succeed at work?

Take Guerra’s interactive trainings anywhere! 

Guerra is well known for his teaching ability of adding and enhancing concepts with the use of chalk and whiteboards. Since 2007, this skill has been transferred and mastered in the digital web medium and virtual classroom.

Interactive Virtual Classroom Training ; the way to learn! 

GCGI's e-learning sessions are developed and scheduled at your convenience. GCGI fits the training at your needs: 

  • Daytime,

  • Nightime, and

  • On weekends or holidays without any additional premium charges. 


You can join the training session right from your iPhone, iPad, Android tablet, smartphone, or connect a desktop/laptop computer to an audio/ video projector for a formal conference setting. Telephone line audio, integrated VoIP audio and web conferencing on Wi-Fi and 3G/4G allows worldwide personnel to attend and interact with the training session.